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6 Amazing Facts about Modern Family Kids

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Modern family kids are quite different than what we used to be during our childhood or what our parents used to be during their childhood. If you were not to blame the generation gap, and just compare modern family kids to kids belonging to around 30 years back, a lot has changed in terms of behaviors, ethics, beliefs, opinions and attitudes. Here are some facts about modern family kids which you can relate to easily.

Aware of Technology

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Today, technological advancement is at its peak. Children of today’s generation are more aware of technology than what their parents used to be at that time. This is not because of the times today or the trend, but is because children today are given more opportunities, exposure and education.

Nuclear Families

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Children today mostly belong to nuclear families and hence are used to living alone or with just one sibling. This means they have better clothes, better food and hardly any need to share their belongings. Parents provide their children with better things to play with and entertain themselves because families are getting smaller and the earning capacity is getting bigger. The downside of this is that such kids are not very comfortable in sharing. They have their own identity, self-respect, pride, needs and demands from a very young age. 

No Compromises

As children are mostly given everything they desire by their parents, they hardly ever feel the need to compromise. They are used to getting what they want and the way they want. Such children face difficulties later in life, when they have to compromise in certain life situations.

The need to Speak Up

Yester year’s kids did not have the courage to speak up in front of their elders because they were taught that it was a sign of disrespect. But today, children are encouraged to speak and put their opinion forward right from a young age. This prevents them from bottling up emotions inside. Children feel more liberated and free today in the modern world.

Better Developments

Children today are better aware of the modern gadgets, technologies and equipment and hence we have more and more children creating, inventing and discovering new methods and technologies right from a young age. They are given more exposure and opportunities to embark on their dreams and many kids come up as great talents.

Right to Choose

Modern family kids are given the right to choose. They can choose their food, their clothes, their toys, their friends, their careers and their streams. Children in the bygone era had to mostly do what they were expected to do by their parents. This freedom today has given children the opportunity to choose a field they love and flourish in that.

There are both positive and negative sides of this topic. Children today are definitely more privileged than the children many years before. This is because parents today want to provide their children with everything that they did not have as children. This particular emotion also ensures that children today have a better future than what we had. It is up to the parents to channelize this in the right way and ensure the kids are not getting too pampered or spoiled in the name of love. As a parent, you should know when to say no and when to give in. This makes a great impact on how your children will shape up tomorrow.

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