A Book Sharing Interesting Facts To Know About Italy Tour

Italy’s Starbucks has no real possibility of success long term. Italians will grab a coffee on the way to work or after lunch. But it will be an espresso, and they won’t pay more than €1.20 or so.

The concept of paying €4.00 for a bucket of shit coffee is a loss for them. People from Milan will not eat risotto from anywhere south of Milan. They won’t eat it from anywhere North of Milan either.

Rome has the best ice cream in the world. Punto. Unless you are from Naples. “Italy tour” doesn’t have rules. There are suggestions or guidelines instead. Chief amongst them is don’t let the cops catch you.

Why Is North Of Italy Richer Than South Of Italy?

A Book Sharing Interesting Facts To Know About Italy Tour
A Book Sharing Interesting Facts To Know About Italy Tour

It’s Mafia. All other reasons are here — history, culture, mentality, infrastructure — Why infrastructure? The Mafia controls construction in the south.

Therefore, the money that directs at completing vital road projects, ends up feeding criminal organizations. And they spend only a small amount of actual construction.

Book On Poverty: South Of Italy Tour

A Book Sharing Interesting Facts To Know About Italy Tour
A Book Sharing Interesting Facts To Know About Italy Tour

There’s a great book about poverty in the south of Italy. It offers a vital understanding to those not familiar with the culture and history of the region. It is from the mid-1950s, and it’s called “The Moral Basis of a Backward Society.”

The author is Edward C. Banfield, a distinguished cultural expert from the United – States. He and his family spent a year living in a small town in the Deep South of Italy. There he studied the people and their way of life. He concluded that they had no idea out of poverty.

They were unable to imagine doing anything. That was not for the very short-run material advantage of themselves. No cooperation was possible. People lived life one day at a time according to an ethos that Banfield called “Amoral Familism.” however, The book has received heavy criticism over the years. People say it isn’t very nice to point out what Banfield pointed out.

More On It

Banfield’s book is also essential for understanding why the Mafia evolved in the south of Italy. Why is it still so potent there? Mafia is a natural outcome. Given the history and predominant mentality of the south of Italy.

There is a lack of trust between people living side by side in even tiny towns. It provides a rich firmament to organized crime. And the fundamental pillars of society are greatly diminished if not missing entirely. It’s this vacuum — the structure of society — which the Mafia fills.

By contrast, the Mafia had a heyday in the United States. So, it relegated to small-time operations. They do this mostly because society there gives people other options. The children and grandchildren of Italian immigrants, even “Mafiosi,” did not need the mob.

The reason is as they become educated. They found opportunities and easily planted themselves in America’s middle class. Back in the south of Italy, things don’t seem to work that way and never have.

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