A Look At The First Few Weeks Of Baby Development

From First To The Fourth Week Baby Development

Congratulations, you have become parents for the first time and you are all excited about this new phase in life. Becoming parents probably is the happiest moment in one’s life. You are proud parents of a child and given life to a new addition in the world.

In this article, we will discuss what happens to the infant child during the first to the fourth week. You could say, what happens in the first six months. The first few months are actually crucial for the development of the baby.

From First To The Fourth Week Baby Development
From First To The Fourth Week Baby Development

Baby Development: Week 1

A 6-month baby can begin to roll. Though it is fun for the baby, as parents, you would want to keep an eye on the infant. The first roll is usually slightly painful to watch because the child takes its own time.

However, eventually they should be able to roll to the other side. Never leave the baby lie on the bed all alone. At times, the child may do things to provoke reaction from you. Make sure you give the child comfortable clothes to wear.

Baby Development: Week 2

The second week babies can learn how to speak in their language. They learn to develop their motor skills too. They can speak few words like hi and bye. You can also teach your baby to talk to you in sign language.

For example, come here, you can show your hands repeatedly to your chest or call the infant to come to you. When they are hungry, they can point their fingers to their stomach so that you know they are hungry.

From First To The Fourth Week Baby Development
From First To The Fourth Week Baby Development

Baby Development: Week 3

In the third week, they use their senses. The baby will react when they are happy and sad. The baby also learns to express emotions and feelings.

When you are sad, they are also sad. If you are happy, then they share the joy with you. The best way to help the child learn things is to give them books. Give hem books with pictures.

Baby Development: Week 4

In the fourth week, the baby loves to bounce on the bed. Bouncing enables them to strengthen their muscles and bones. The baby can now stand on the floor all by itself. This is the time you would want to encourage the child to develop the motor skills.

For example, if you give the child something, the baby must give some reaction. That is very important. Place a toy little ahead of the baby. Make the baby catch the toy. When the baby cannot, and then encourage the infant until they can reach the toy.

Hope the above information was useful. Knowing what happens to your child during the first few months of baby development is crucial.

From First To The Fourth Week Baby Development

It is important for both the parents as well as the infant. Keep track of the developments and in case you see something out of the ordinary, then do not forget to consult with your family doctor.

At the same time, there is no need to panic over the smallest thing for your infant.

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