Are PVC Toys Dangerous


Children enjoy playing and spend most of the time with toys. Even some children want new toys every fifteen days. Whenever you visit the mall or supermarket, your baby likely to purchase new toys. Toys are essential tools to make kids involved in activities. There are several toys available, and all have different concepts and materials. As we choose the best content for baby clothes, we as parents should choose the best material for toys as well. Mainly parents concern about PVC or vinyl materials. Parents should choose toys wisely to avoid purchasing PVC toys. PVC toys are not recommended for kids, and they have harmful impacts on kids.

Here Are Some Tips For PVC Toys:

Are PVC Toys Dangerous
Are PVC Toys Dangerous

Check The Toys You Are Going To Purchase Are PVC Free

Check the label on the packaging of the toy. You can find the name of PVC-Free near the recycling label or at the bottom of the package. The recycling label is green colored, three arrows. PVC Free label is generally found with the symbol of recycling. If you are unable to find the details regarding PVC material, check the website or contact the toy manufacturers through call or mail.

What Is The Meaning Of Phthalate Free Label: PVC Toys

A phthalate-free label is a good sign. Even on PVC toys, you may find this label. It indicates that the toy is free from Phthalate and safe for children. But it is not practically enough. Some harmful chemicals may be there in them. even with a Phthalate label. PVC lunch boxes, kid tools, and water bottles are labeled Phthalate-free and may contain toxic chemicals such as lead.  Some toys, lunchboxes, or water bottles manufacturers use organotin as the substitute for lead. Organotin affects the skin, nervous system, liver, immune system, and even reproductive system. It is better to choose PVC free toys and other children’s accessories to avoid such harms. 

Chewing Only Cause The Harm: Wrong Belief

Some parents may think that PVC toys harm only when their children eat toys. Is it so? Of course, No. Parents have wrong beliefs. Actually, PVC’s hazardous impacts start with the production of toys’ disposal. PVC produces harmful chemicals, and that is the reason it is called a poisonous chemical. In addition, PVC produces highly dangerous chemicals, including vinyl chloride, phthalates, ethyl dichloride, furans, toxins, and other chemicals. 

Are PVC Toys Dangerous
Are PVC Toys Dangerous

Toys In The USA

The process of the U.S government is relatively slow as compared to that of Mexico and Japan. Whereas Japan and Mexico have wholly banned the phthalate chemicals in toy manufacturing. However, the U.S government banned harmful chemicals such as Phthalate in toys but has not prohibited the asbestos yet. 

However, children and infants have dangerous impacts of toxic chemicals on their health. Studies proved the connection between hazardous chemicals, including CINP ( Diisononyl phthalate) and cancer. Besides, the harmful effects may lead to blood, liver, reproductive system, nervous system, skin, and kidneys problems.