Baby Development: Growth Process Of A Child

The growth and development of a child refer to various physical developments. This involves the development of thought, language, and emotional changes. During this period, the child is usually dependent on the guardians and parents. The atmosphere and ambiance strongly influences child development. Also, genetic factors play a key role behind the development of a child. And, there are some events related to prenatal life as well. Moreover, child’s learning capacity is usually influenced by environmental characteristics. A child’s learning capability is dependent on these factors. Moreover, child development can be influenced by targeted therapeutic intervention. The right home-based practice by the speech therapists and occupational practices.

The Stages And Processes Of Child Development

  1. Cognitive development – It is the development of problem-solving and learning skills. Child development includes all the skills.
  2. Social interaction, and emotional regulation – This involves developing better self-control and managing behavior.
  3. Speech and language – This is the ability of understanding and using language and communication.
  4. Physical skills – This involves fine motor, and gross motor.
  5. Sensory awareness – Which is the registration of sensory information

Why Is Baby Development Important?

Observing the child is an important activity. Since, one has to ensure that children develop naturally and normally. The child should grow and should learn from the surroundings, by the behavior of the people who are present around it. The possible detection is how the child is growing up and how he/she is learning the behavior. The development of the child is strictly based on the behavioral characteristics of his/ her parents.

The Growth Process Of A Child

Problems In Child Development

Problems in baby development are due to multiple factors, such as, genetics, and parental guidance. Moreover, the presence of medical conditions and certain diagnosis can also hinder development. However, speech and occupational therapists assists with certain developments. Overcoming such a development is crucial in order to maximize the ease and development, minimizing the gaps that occur between the child’s ability and those of their friends. Same-aged peers have a certain influence on people. This is encountered by the parents and the care-givers.

Areas Of Development

Baby development is the most common experience every individual as a children has gone through. These developments of different forms, such as, physical, mental, and emotional development. A toddler who learns to walk is a physical development and when a toddler identifies the colours, this is the intellectual development and when a toddler learns to develop certain characteristics which are the social characteristics is when a child usually becomes comfortable or uncomfortable. The child develops emotional characteristics as well, when it feels attached towards his/ her parents.

The Five Areas Of Development

  • Physical development, such as, the development of the body and the organs. And, this involves the growth and development, the changes in the hands and feet, including the physical development and coordination.
  • Intellectual development, mental development or the development o the brain.
  • Social development, the process of gaining the knowledge and the ability to reason and think and problem-solving abilities.
  • Emotional development, Feelings, and emotional responses and the understanding of somebody’s feelings. The appropriate forms of expressing them are also something important.
  • Moral development, the development which is moral is related to the personality and the sense of right and wrong. The change in behavior is also characterized by this.

After The Development

After the development, certain things happen to human bodies. The small infant turns to be a toddler. The development of the child makes a difference as it involves the growth processes. And, thus, a small child grows into an adult is an interesting person.

The Growth Process Of A Child