Baby Positioning Pillow: Prevent From Plagiocephaly

Baby Positioning Pillow: Prevent From Plagiocephaly

Every parent should be careful with their baby, a being that is in full formation, love is also to ensure their good health, ergo, if your baby has Plagiocephaly, this guide is for you. Plagiocephaly is a deformity in the head of babies that, unfortunately, is more frequent every day. That’s why we think about the well-being of your baby, and we will tell you how to prevent your babies from Plagiocephaly. And also offer you a baby positioning pillow that will give your child adequate support. Let’s start.

Baby Positioning Pillow: Prevent From Plagiocephaly
Baby Positioning Pillow: Prevent From Plagiocephaly

How To Prevent Flat Head Syndrome In Babies

  • The position in which the baby sleeps varies: Flat Head Syndrome originates from maintaining the same posture of the baby, so it is essential to change its position in each of the places that the frequent, bed, car. With the help of a pillow for Plagiocephaly or a rolled towel, alternating right side and left side.
  • Alternate the arms when carrying it: It is essential that when holding the baby in your arms, the right and left arm alternates so that its headrests on both shoulders without getting used to either—preventing it from resting on only one side.
  • Alternate the use of the car: Following the recommendation to vary the positions of the baby, it is necessary to have other options at the time of transfer, such as a scarf or baby backpacks that immediately change the child’s posture.
  • Place it face down: When you share time with the baby, it is suggested to place it faces down so as not to support your head and maintain direct contact with the father or mother.
Baby Positioning Pillow: Prevent From Plagiocephaly
Baby Positioning Pillow: Prevent From Plagiocephaly

Tips Before Buying A Flat Head Baby Positioning Pillow

Visit The Doctor Before Using Baby Positioning Pillow

Before using a baby pillow with Plagiocephaly, we recommend you to evaluate and listen carefully to its indications.

Know The Best Brands And Options

It is necessary to carefully review the different pillows for baby with Plagiocephaly that adapt to your pace of life and facilitate it.

Evaluate The Materials Of Baby Positioning Pillow

You must know the materials for making pillows in case your baby is allergic, in addition to the softness of the fabrics to make your baby’s experience more optimal.

Evaluate Its Adaptability

The fact that the pillow is easy to transport and adapts not only to the bed but to the car, chairs or hammocks should prevail since you can take it anywhere.

Proof Of Use

You should know that when starting pillows for Plagiocephaly, you have to be disciplined since this will depend in part on the best of the baby. So it is necessary to be constant to help the little one.

Where To Buy A Pillow To Correct Babies’ Plagiocephaly

You can buy baby pillows with Plagiocephaly at Amazon, your trusted store. But for this, you have to be attentive to each of the offers, reasonable prices, and promotions.

Our Recommendation

0-12 Months Baby Positioning Pillow

It is a cushion totally recommended by specialists in the field, pediatricians, and osteopaths to treat Plagiocephaly. This cushion prevents babies from developing Plagiocephaly. It is also perfect for babies who have flat head syndrome. It helps infants breathe more comfortably, and it decreases milk reflux. Besides, it is suitable for babies from 0 to 12 months old. It is suggested to place the asymmetric side of the pillow in the hole.

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