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Best Family Boards Game For A Fun Night


Keep aside your gadgets and indulge in some board games. What could be a better way than spending some quality time together? Connect with your family like the golden old days, by playing the boards game. So, have a look at the best family boards game that will make the night memorable for all of you.

Best Family Boards Game For A Fun Night
Best Family Boards Game For A Fun Night

Best Family Boards Game – Scrabble

If you are addicted to word games, you can’t live without playing scrabble. Build the crossword puzzle board-wide with the help of each letter tile and gain points. If you are a family of four, this is an ideal game for you.


It is a classic board game that involves solving a murder that occurred in a mansion. Here you need to find out the spot, weapon as well as the guilty party. Two to six players can take part in this mystery-solving game. The kids above eight years can take part in it.


Trouble is an addictive board game that comes with some simple rules. If you have younger kids in your family, playing trouble is not at all troublesome for you. It is perfect for two or more players, but not than four. Pop the die at the center and move the game pieces in the direction of your base before your opponents can do that.


Do you have teenagers in your house? Then indulge in playing codenames with them. It is both fun and also smart. It is a word game that depends on teamwork. You have to be very quick to play this spy-themed game. You will get one-word clues, and with that, you need to find the secret identities of other players. You have to be at least 14 and more than that to play it. From two to eight players can take part in it.

Best Family Boards Game For A Fun Night
Best Family Boards Game For A Fun Night

Best Family Boards Game – Monopoly

Monopoly is regarded as one of the most excellent board games for families. The game depends on owning as well as giving properties on rent, and like this, you have to make progress. This game is suitable for both kids and adults, but the kids have to be more than eight years. It can continue for many hours. From two to six players can play the game at a time.


An ideal amalgamation of opportunity and planning – sequence provides the player with both. You need to get a sequence by putting cards and chip at the same time. Though you consider it as very straightforward, getting the apt sequence is a bit tricky. The kids of 7 years and more can take part in this game. It can be played by two to twelve players simultaneously.

Best Family Boards Game – Mousetrap

This classic and trendy game provides the players with both surprise and thrill. You need to play carefully so that the mouse does not get trapped and you can make the real mousetrap simultaneously. At last, you have to check whose mousetrap looks excellent and whose mouse gets caught.