Characteristics And Cast Of Modern Family Structure

cast of modern family

Modern Family has gotten a little more silly in recent years. But that’s part of its charm. The newest addition, Cars Land at Universal Studios Orlando, continues that tradition. Ariel Winter wore an elegant black jumpsuit with an oversized pink flocked tank top, pouted lips and choker necklace. In the new movie, she plays the adorable new car mum to a group of young misfits led by Boomer (Eddie Murphy) who live in a purple, fly-infested apartment.

Cast Of Modern Family Structure

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Ariel Winter’s character is clearly inspired by the animated Disney film, but where the similarities end is in the manner in which she dresses. While her outfit may have been inspired by the Cars’ movie, the style of Ariel Winter seems a bit more like a fashion statement than a costume. Perhaps it’s the social values of the modern family unit that has prompted the choice of clothing for Ariel Winter, but I think we can forgive her for her choice of apparel. It does make her seem a bit sassy and a bit of a rebel. And who doesn’t want to be a rebellious teenager anyway?

Boomer and his son, DJ Pauly, are another example of the modern family. They’re played by Dan Butler and Joe stroller from the comforts of home videos. Their costumes are easily distinguishable, but in case you didn’t know, DJ Pauly stands for Drive My Car and Boomer stands for Bandit. Their suits come in either grey plaid or white/blue plaid, but don’t let those colors fool you, they both still look great in their customised shirts. And who doesn’t love a customised shirt? These two youngsters definitely have a wardrobe full of them!

Celebrity Dancer Michael Jackson

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We also have the celebrity dancer Michael Jackson. He was the star of the hit movie Thriller, and he also showed up in Toy Story 3 with his daughter, Makita. We might not have known him personally when he was on screen, but we surely know and appreciate his music and his charities. The fact that he appeared in both Toy Story 3 and The Incredibles has already made us fans of both films.

Then there’s Tim Burton. Who would’ve thought that a dark and moody director of such hit movies as Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Insomnia would also show up on stage in a film that centres around an earthquake and its after effects. But no, he shows up in the second film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and proves himself to be a wonderful, loving uncle. I was glad that he decided to feature his own family in the film – especially since the first one featured Bugs Bunny. It was like he was recreating the feeling of being back home. And while the cartoon remains one of the most beloved for children and adults alike, The Nightmare Before Christmas proved that you don’t always have to live with that image.

Famous Disney Actress

Finally, we have the famous Disney actress, Meg Ryan. She plays the role of a young woman who gets a chance to live in the idyllic American countryside when her parents split up. As the years go by, she slowly realises that she longs to live on her own, away from her mother and father (both of whom are in a relationship). At the opening of the third film, Meg Ryan showed up as the celebrity dancer Halle Berry and showed off the beautiful character that still managed to steal the heart of the audience.

Although it’s not shown on screen, Halle Berry also had a lot of fun playing the character of the happily married couple who lives on their own. A common factor between the character of Meg Ryan and herself is that they both wanted to be in a happy relationship, yet at times were unable to. Halle Berry showed us what real couples are like, and whether or not marriage is the right path for everyone.

Last Words

So although it doesn’t show up on screen, (and isn’t really required), in most movies, most couples are seen as a nuclear family unit. But what most audiences don’t realise is that most of us aren’t actually born into a nuclear family unit. We develop relationships with our parents and siblings, then outgrow them and enter into a relationship with someone else. So while a particular relationship might be seen as the stereotypical one, it could be considered a characteristic of modern life, which is to develop relationships with other people outside of your family structure.

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