Different Types Of Baby Toys For Brain Development


Every parent always has high hopes for their children regarding their studies, growth, future, etc. especially when they are toddlers. When a baby is between the age of 2 to 10 years, it grows very rapidly. In their growing age, there are a lot of baby toys that might help your kids overall brain development like thinking, physical, language, and social-emotional skills.

Best way to learn something is by playing. Play gives your kids a unique ability for thinking, acting, solving a lot of hurdles in their life. It is essential to choose the right toy for your kid, as there are wide varieties of toys out there in the market. There are baby toys which may cause severe health issues and mental issues.

Some Baby Toys That Will Help The Brain Development Of Your Kid:

Wooden Blocks/ Interlocking Blocks

Kids always like to create something new and destroy it and repeat the same thing the whole day. So wooden block can be used to make the house, bridge, road, etc. This game develops imagination, problem-solving, and imagination skills.

Dolls/ Kitchen Sets Toy/ Stuffed Animals

Toys like barbie, dolls, animals, etc. can be found easily in the market. Especially girls like barbie or dolls and other home applications toys as their nature by birth is being to be very caring and kind. This kind of toys will develop the kids to be very generous and helps social skills.

Baby Toys Cars/ Bikes/ Cell Phone

Kids always learn from their parents, whether it comes to speaking, behaving, or working. So they try to imitate them and try to be mature like them. Toy cars, bikes, and cell phones with buttons give them those feeling like a parent or adult. Also, some kids like to explore a lot, so they will dismantle all the toys and try to learn their working procedure and put it back together. These toys are perfect for making your children solve problems, discover spatial relations (how things fit together), and develop exceptional motor skills.

Books, Alphabetical Letters, Crayons, Sketch Pens: 

These types of toys help a kid to learn early about the letters, words, and art. Kids are always very creative, and sketch pen and crayons help them to express themselves. They like to draw and write a lot, and these toys will help them to communicate.

Different Types Of Baby Toys For Brain Development
Different Types Of Baby Toys For Brain Development

Indoor Games: 

Indoor games like chess, carom board and ludo are very beneficial, as it helps kids to interact with people. 

Different Types Of Baby Toys For Brain Development
Different Types Of Baby Toys For Brain Development

Tips You Should Keep In Mind Before Buying Any Baby Toys:

  • Toys for entertainment: In the market, there are toys that are for just show, but they will term them as a developmental toy for kids, but, in reality, it is not. If any toy is making sound, motion, or light kids usually try to sit and enjoy them, and eventually, that will not help your kid’s development.
  • Toys made of soft plastics are hazardous to kids. Kids have the terrible habit of eating anything that comes in their hand, and if they eat any soft plastic toy might lead to a severe health issue.
  • Electrical toys always run on batteries and batteries contains several chemicals that are dangerous if consumed directly. To always make sure the case of the battery in the gadget is locked correctly.
  • It is always better to keep the size of the toy bigger than 3 cm because kids sometimes get confused between food and toy and swallow it and choke their throats.
  • It is always suggested not to buy mobile phones, computer, or any electronic gadget for them as a kid as these things require a minimum age for a kid to handle. As a kid, they might not have the sense to distinguish between right and wrong components available in mobile and computer.