Find The Best Educational Game For Family

The best educational game for families is ping pong or table tennis. Table tennis is an intense sport which not only helps you burn calories but also stimulates your brain and improves your coordination. Whether you are playing singles or doubles, this fast-paced game can be very challenging, competitive, and also very brain-storming. You need to understand and read the opponent’s movements, strategies, and body language to have an edge over him.

Many people believe that as this sport does not require a lot of physical activity like running around, it is not as effective as other sports like cricket, football, etc, but table tennis has its own benefits.

Find The Best Educational Game For Family
Find The Best Educational Game For Family

Benefits Of The Educational Game Table Tennis

Improves hand-eye coordination:

Eye and hand movement is the synchronized movement of both hand and brain with each other. Table tennis improves hand-eye coordination and also stimulates brain alertness. Eyes work like the inputs and the hands control our motion. The player also finds an increased level of concentration and develops tactical thinking. It is a perfect game to sharpen reflexes and to refine your tactics. As you follow the ball going to and fro in this game, your hand-eye coordination is also improved. You get a very minimal area to play in and in order to keep the fast-moving ball within the boundary, you have to strike is within a fraction of a second. For making this perfect hit, the brain fires maximum neurons at a time, thereby boosting brain health.

Improves Reflexes:

Table tennis is a fast-paced sport in which both the gross and fine muscles are improved. This game involves a lot of exertion and instant recovery thereby developing the fast-twitch muscle. The regular speed of the table tennis ball is around 25 mph, but outstanding players manage to hit the ball at the rate of more than 50 mph, which is extremely fast. Their body develops super-fast reflexes with continuous practice.

Find The Best Educational Game For Family
Find The Best Educational Game For Family

Develops Mental Acuity:

Mental acuity or sharpness is developed in this game as the spin, speed, and placement of the ball are noticed and analyzed. It requires great skill in both creating puzzles for the opponents and solving the opponent’s strategies.

Improves Core Strength:

For those who have back problems or have had knee surgeries, this game can improve arm, leg, and core strength without hurting or stressing the joints.

Prevents Dementia and Alzheimer’s:

This game improves cognitive skills and motor skills as the blood flow to the brain is significantly increased. This also prevents Dementia or Alzheimer’s in later life.

Helps Build Relationships:

This game is always played with a partner, and whether you play in the school, office, or in the community center, you end up making friends and improving your social connections. People of all age groups can enjoy this game.

Stimulates Different Parts of the Brain:

Table tennis is an educational game that stimulates those parts of the brain, which are typically not used much. By noticing the opponent’s shot, the player uses the prefrontal cortex to make some strategies. The hippocampus part of the brain is stimulated as the body performs aerobics exercises from the constant movements. This hippocampus part helps us to form and retain long-term facts in our minds.

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