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Examples Of Family Goals – Show Your Children The Benefits Of Working Together

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So, now, looking at a whole range of family goals examples for you to brainstorm about what you wish your family to accomplish in the next year. This article contains affiliate links, which will earn you a commission if you decide to follow the advice in this article. It is my sincere hope that you find the information in this article useful or can use the information to help you better your family life. I wish you well in your search!

Examples Of Family Goals 

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First off, one example is to set up some family meetings to discuss goals for the year. These family meetings can be done on a Sunday afternoon, after lunch, or any other time that would work for everyone. It doesn’t matter why you do this, just be sure that everyone has a chance to talk about their family goals, as well as anything else they have going on in their lives that would benefit from a goal.

At the end of each family goal meeting, you should give everyone a small notebook and pen. For kids, it might be fun for them to draw a picture of what their goal looks like and include a goal to-do list to help others see what is involved. Let’s say that your kids have decided to save money for Christmas. They could do a month of charity shopping, and then they will have accomplished their goal.

Write Down Your Goals 

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Everyone should have a couple of family goals examples on their notebook. These should include things for kids to do throughout the year. Some examples might be things like, help others with school work, or go out and buy a new camera or video game. Kids should also put together a list of volunteer work, family outings, or bible club that they might take care of. You should also have a short list of goals that are specific to their age group.

After everyone has written down their goals, you should go over it and read it over. Then you need to make sure that everyone is on the same page, so that there is a clear direction that everyone is moving in. If one kid thinks that they will learn more about fishing than the other kids, they should write that down. This is not only true with fishing-the importance of learning something can supersede our knowledge. It is also important to keep in mind that when we talk to kids, they are impressionable, and if they think that they have done something smart, they might convince themselves that they did not really do that good.

Family Goals

So for example, my family has a great goal called Family Time. I have encouraged our family members to spend quality family time together on a weekly basis. The first month of Family Time went pretty smoothly. But just like any great goal, things started to shift in a different direction.

My 2nd biggest family savings goal is to save at least a week’s worth of food. I know that for most families, this is not an easy thing to accomplish. There are some kids who have already saved most of their food in a week’s worth of food, but my oldest son, who is still in high school, is having a hard time with his goal. Because he is very fussy about the food, he often puts everything in his mouth before he even starts eating it.

Last Words

What I love about my family goals examples list is that they provide motivation for me. They help me see that I need to create a balance between my food saving goal and my other family goals. This is a hard balance to achieve, which is why I suggest that you keep a food journal. Write down your food intake on the days that you achieve your goals, this way, you will be able to compare the results that you are getting from each different goal. This will allow you to find the right ways of attaining each of your family goals

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