Family Memory Quotes About Moving Forward And Thinking Positive

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And wishing to celebrate that unconditional love with these touching family memories quotes and expressions! Whether you’re looking for some motivational family sayings, quality family memories, or an every day reminder, these touching family memories quotes and sayings sure to inspire you to share the love you’ve been missing out on! Whether you want to share the love you’ve been missing out on, or share it with a family member, these quotes are sure to help!

When it comes to loving family memories quotes and expressions, one of the best things you can do is read ‘Books of Memory’ (which I highly recommend) and enjoy these precious memories that are passed down from generation to generation. But what about the people in your life? When it comes to loving family love quotes and expressions, how do you best share the love you have been missing out on with those you care about? Here are a few thoughts for sharing those loving memories with those you love:


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One of the best family memories quotes I have ever heard was “The only thing between us and our God is love.” This quote brought so much meaning to my late Uncle Earl, who passed away at the age of 51. In that quote he reminded me of how much love my Uncle had given to my mother as well as to everyone else in his immediate family. I would also add that quote to the treasured family memories top 10!

Another of the most inspirational family memories quotes I have found is one that my Mom gave to me as a gift when I was a young girl – it was a poem she wrote about how we could be like our heroes. She went on to write “either things make us or we make them. All things make us laugh or we cry. All things make us happy or we love to hate them.”

Jerry Seinfeld

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This last family memories quote comes from a book written by Jerry Seinfeld and was recently included in the New York Times Best Sellers Book. The book said that the quote is not about material possessions, rather it’s about how saying the right things to make a difference in your relationship. To really sink in with this quote I can only liken it to the quote from George Clooney where he said “You either help people or make people help you.” Although both are amazing quotes to help inspire others, it does seem that the Seinfeld version is a little more raw because it touches on human emotions and relationships.

There are countless inspirational family memories quotes out there that are full of wisdom and life lessons. I would be remiss if I didn’t include the words of Louis Pasteur when he said “I learned that some things are so delicate that they cannot be rushed.” These quotes are perfect to use as a reminder to never rush our progress. They will help us to focus on the journey and not on the destination.

Focus Too Much On The Proces

As a whole when reading these quotes about family memories quotes about family love quotes really bring home the theme that is being conveyed. Sometimes when we are trying to move forward with life, we get distracted by the outcome and focus too much on the process. We forget to focus on the happiness and the sadness that accompany the journey.

These quotes bring home the fact that although we may go through many sad times throughout our lives, we can also look at the bright side and move forward. We can use these quotes to remind us that no matter how difficult things seem to be there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Final Words

For instance one great quote that I found while searching for family memories quotes is this one; “In failing times, do not lose hope, there is always something to live for”. This inspirational quote reminds us that even in tough times we must continue to fight for what we believe in. We must persevere. The power of positive thinking will lead you to see the good in every circumstance and will help you stay positive and focused on what is important in your family’s journey of life.

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