Game For Family On Your Next Vacation

The best game for the family on vacation is ping pong or table tennis. Most resorts have a ping pong table in their recreation rooms. This game is meant for families looking for quick fun and entertainment. It does not require a lot of space and also brings in a lot of fun and enjoyment. Let us see the benefits of ping pong, an ideal game for the family.

Game For Family On Your Next Vacation
Game For Family On Your Next Vacation

Ping-Pong  – An Ideal Game For Family

Develops Mental Sharpness

Table tennis helps to develop mental acuity in a kid. According to reports, Alzheimer’s patients reported an improvement in their brain sharpness after playing table tennis consistently. Engaging your children in this game right from the start helps to keep them more mentally alert and focused. This game increases the blood flow to the brain and reduces the risk of dementia, i.e., a chronic disease resulting in memory loss. Table tennis also regulates decision-making and problem-solving skills. Kids learn the skills quickly and also benefit a lot as they need to calculate the speed and the placement of the ball coming within a second. This sport keeps their mind engaged completely.

Increases Mental Stimulation

You cannot even afford to get distracted for a second in this game. It stimulates different parts of your brain, especially the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is usually used during strategic planning. The aerobics and the bodily movements involved in the game stimulate the hippocampus area that enables an individual to maintain long-term memories. Similarly, the parietal lobes of the brain, which translate sensory information, are also stimulated in the process of following the ball and then reacting to spin. With increased practice, the brain starts performing better.

Game For Family On Your Next Vacation
Game For Family On Your Next Vacation

Develops Motor Control

Table tennis is also very beneficial for developing motor skills in a child. The motor control part of the brain is used to coordinate movements and activities associated with different body parts. There is a high degree of speed and unpredictability in this game. A person needs perfect micro-movements, quick decision making, and precise hand-eye coordination to perform well in this game. Playing table tennis regularly has shown improvement in the primary motor cortex and the cerebellum.

Improves The Mood

Table tennis has a drastic effect on your mood. An irritable child will quickly get composed after playing a game of table tennis for a few minutes. The reason behind this is that this sport triggers the increase of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that govern the transmission of signals and messages from and to the brain. With the rise in the levels of neurotransmitters, depression is reduced. Neurotransmitters regulate many functions of the brain such as memory, stress, emotions, and movements.

Improves Balance

Table tennis is also quite beneficial to the cerebellum area of the brain that is responsible for controlling motor movements. As a child plays this sport, the cerebellum area lights up and becomes active. Various body balance activities such as walking, running, and such others are controlled by the cerebellum.

So, when you are out with your family on vacation, do spend time on this ideal game for the family. Ping pong has many health benefits and is also quite easy to learn.

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