Family Communication – Communication 101

Families today suffer from a lack of communication. With separate phones, gadgets, cars, and rooms, everyone has started living as per their priorities. A family might be sharing the same roof, but many of them have very different lives. Because of lack of communication, siblings and often parents do not know what is happening in the life of their own sibling or child. Good communication between parents and children is a sign of a happy family. If you want to improve communication, then here are some tips to ensure a happy family setting.

Signs Of A Happy Family – Good Communication

Better Use Of Modern Technology

You need to use technology at its best as this is the only way to lure your family members to be close-knit. You can create a family WhatsApp group, where all the family members can communicate with each other and let each other know about their whereabouts. Any major events happening in their lives should also be updated here. If the head of the family is planning an outing, then they should intimate the others in this family group.

Signs Of A Happy Family – Good Communication
Signs Of A Happy Family – Good Communication

Weekend Outing Rule

As the head of the family, you should make a rule to go out for dinner or lunch with your family every weekend. This should be seen and followed like a family custom and no one should be allowed to make an excuse. When together, the parents should discuss the happenings in everyone’s lives.

Dinner on the Dining Table

Regardless of how busy your lives are, you should make it a rule that your family members should have dinner together at the dining table. They can go out occasionally, but not every time. This will ensure discipline and will also make them treat their family as an essential part of their lives.

Signs Of A Happy Family – Good Communication
Signs Of A Happy Family – Good Communication

No Phones on the Dinner Table

These days, one can find many families sitting together on the dining table but looking at their phones. You should make a rule that no phones should be allowed on the dining table. This will again ensure discipline in the members, but in the long run, they will learn to communicate with each other, instead of their virtual friends.

A family learns by example. If you set a good example for your children, they will follow you. Good communication is the first route to a happy family. Often, the signs of a happy family can be seen from the way they communicate with each other. This means how closely connected they are. As a parent, you should have the numbers of your children’s friends. You should know their numbers and also a bit about their backgrounds. You should also communicate with them often to know exactly what is going on in your child’s life.

Many cases of depression, bad habits, suicide attempts, and bad deeds can be avoided if the family is close to each other. A person who feels that he/she is loved and needed in a family will never do any wrong deed.

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