How A Genealogy Report Helped Build My Family Tree -

How A Genealogy Report Helped Build My Family Tree

My family tree has always been a matter of great pride as well as unquenchable interest. And, when I finally had the opportunity to expand the family tree by tracing through time and finding out about who my ancestors were from the time that remains undocumented, I simply could not let it go. So, Yes, I am talking about the genealogy report that helped me make my family tree richer in many ways.

What Is A Genealogy Report?

How Genealogy Report Helped Build My Family Tree
How Genealogy Report Helped Build My Family Tree

In the layman’s term, a genealogy report is basically finding the heredity of a person that is expressed through the genes. As you might already know, the genes carry information about every individual, and each person’s genetic structure contains part of the genes derived from father and part of it derived from the mother. Thus, as per the nature of genealogy test you are going to take, which is, depending on which chromosome will be studied, you can opt to find out about the genetic history from your father’s side or your mother’s side. Since both our parents got their genes from both their parents and so on and on through generations, hence, a person’s gene can reveal where the person’s ancestors came from. Basically, you will know what percentage of your gene comes from which ethnicity.

How My Family Tree Became Richer With My Genealogy Report

Before I took the genealogy test, when I started tracking down my ancestors using the family tree, I found that I could not find any information beyond the past four generations. However, beyond that, everything is extremely confusing and there are points where I am completely lost. With the genealogy report, I could track down the ethnicities on my father’s side as well as my mother’s side. It allowed me to create a route map of my ancestors. Thereafter referring to historical events, I prepared a timeline regarding their presence in various parts of the world. While I certainly could not track down the names of my ancestors through generations, especially since there were no records maintained, I at least managed to understand my ancestors’ journey better. It helped making my family tree richer in many ways.

Family Tree And Genealogy Report Combined Made Me A Global Citizen

How Genealogy Report Helped Build My Family Tree
How Genealogy Report Helped Build My Family Tree

This is one feeling that is extremely hard to explain unless you have been through it. While the genealogy report did enrich my family tree, it did a lot more to how I see the world. I made me truly a global citizen. When I find out that some of my ancestors were Irish, while there were those who were German, I feel connected to these people at some level as well. The feeling of belonging to this world is something undefinable. It permeates boundaries and makes us feel like the world belongs to us and we belong to the world.

Why You Should Create Your Genealogy Based Family Map

I believe every person should take the genealogy test and find out who their ancestors used to be. As we speak of global peace, there is probably no better way to ensure that than showing everyone that we are all brothers and sisters in the true sense. We are connected to each other at a genetic level. We are indeed world citizens.

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