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How Do Lack Of Money Affect Families?


Does the performance of a child depend upon lack of money, or are there other factors like parental education and upbringing style that influence the overall development of the child? Let us find out what lack of money does to children.

How Do Lack Of Money Affect Families?
How Do Lack Of Money Affect Families?

Strong Evidence Of The Affect Of Lack Of Money On Children’s Outcome

 If the income increases in early childhood, it improves cognitive abilities. In early adulthood, an increase in income improves response and social skills. Prolong poverty deprives children of all the necessary attributes as compared to short term poverty. Children of lower-income groups score less than their wealthier counterparts. Why? As the cause is unclear, there is perplexity as to which policy to apply for the betterment of the outcome of such children. Whether to increase the income of the household? Improvise parental technique? Or enhance the infrastructure of the school as a whole? 

Why does money matter so much? Every time this one question arises that why do it matters but the fact is it matters because if a child is not well provided for and taken care of, he will never be able to concentrate on aspects that involve his behavior and education. One cannot expect a small child to overlook his hunger and tethered clothes and focus on his mannerisms and etiquettes. There has to be contentment before he leaps to perform well. If there are enough food and positivity at home, the mind of a child is at peace, and his happiness reflects in his enforcement.

Importance Of Money Is Directly Proportional To The Upliftment Of Children 

The studies conducted proved that the appraisal in the income of a household is more important in adolescence and early adulthood than in early childhood. It is because the development of the social behavior of children takes place at this stage. And it’s not from now its been there for long. Deprivation can result in complexes and prejudices, which induces a negative approach in a child. This study also confirmed that if the mother’s income increases, the child can benefit more as she tends to spend more on her children than the father.

How Do Lack Of Money Affect Families?
How Do Lack Of Money Affect Families?

Policies should be made by the government to help low-income households not because this is a complete solution to a child’s development, but because it gives opportunities and better chances to a child to perform well. Looking at the other aspect of making such policies, it may be possible that such systems increase unemployment as people may just lay back and wait for aid. 

To conclude, money plays a vital role in the outcome of children, but it is not the only factor that can enable them to achieve their goals. Parental behavior, family environment, the health of the mother, and many other external factors determine the overall performance of a child although money does facilitate a lot of means, which can calm the unrest of a child’s mind and help him think beyond his boundaries.

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