Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots: 5 Places To Visit

Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots: 5 Places To Visit

During the summer, everybody wants to come out of their cocoon and indulge in some family holidays or adventurous activities. But if your budget is low, will you confine yourself in the house? Can’t you go anywhere? Of course not. Many inexpensive family vacation spots are there that you can undoubtedly visit even if your budget is low. Here take a look.

Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots: 5 Places To Visit
Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots: 5 Places To Visit

San Diego In California

Full of Sun, water activities, long beaches, various museums for kids, different theme parks – San Diego has it all. If you want to visit a zoo safari park or museums and the harbor cruises in Balboa Park, use the Go San Diego card. It will help you get a discount of about 50%. This card is also useful in giving you a discount if you are visiting Legoland in California. You can get unlimited accessibility to the SeaWorld by using the passes, and these passes are usable for a week.

South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach

Are you fond of water activities? Looking for a place where you can have unlimited fun with your children? Then head to Myrtle Beach. The Splashes Oceanfront water park as well as the Family Kingdom Amusement park will provide you with immense enjoyment and also discount passes. Sea Mist provides its customers with various types of offers. For instance, if you book a room for a week, you will get the Friday free of cost, or if you decide to visit there between June and August, you will get a discount of 15% on a few rooms. And in case you reserved the trip three months ago, they will give you an EZ cash card of 90$. Isn’t it amazing?

Lisbon In Portugal

If you are looking forward to a vacation where you can get to explore both a city and a beach, then Lisbon it is. This city is full of palaces, big castles which you can visit. You can also go to the beach as well as the hills. The most important thing is the tram fare is just 4$ or even less. Thus you can have a fascinating tour with your family within your budget.

Phuket, Thailand

This biggest island of Thailand has several beaches, crystal clear water and spots for snorkeling. Full of water parks like Anthem Water Park or wakeboarding Water Park, this place offers you tons of adventurous actions that you can enjoy with your family. On top of that, there are many hotels that provide perfect and cheap accommodation for the family.

Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots: 5 Places To Visit
Inexpensive Family Vacation Spots: 5 Places To Visit

Pittsburgh In Pennsylvania

From the zoo to the museums, it has all that a family wants to see during its holiday. Want to indulge in some thrilling activities? Go for the biking alongside the Great Allegheny Passage. This 150-mile passage will help you witness the picturesque tunnels and bridges of the city. Several lunch spots are there that will cost you just 10$ or even less. Walking tours and 10-day Grand Prix are organized during the summer for the tourists as well as the locals.

Besides these five, there are other inexpensive family vacation spots like Bali in Indonesia, Austria’s Vienna, Taipei in Japan, The Dominican Republic, etc.

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