Is Italy Expensive To Visit: 2020


Italy visit: Vacations are always a good idea! But, international vacations pinch hard on your pocket. Rome, Florence, Venice, Pisa, Amalfi, Milan, Sorrento – these beautiful cities quickly come to your mind when you hear of Italy.

Italy is rich not only in terms of history and culture but also has a long coastline, which makes it a perfect spot for a vacation. Italy is an ideal mix of history, art, structure, and architecture, delicious food, among many other experiences that its cities can provide.

 It is often considered as a costly country to visit. But it may not be true after all. You may very well even think of backpacking through Italy if you are on a decent budget. Italy boasts of a robust public transport system structure, which many countries do not have in place.

The public transportation within as well as across cities is affordable and worthwhile. You can use high-speed trains or local trains depending on how tight your budget is. While in Venice, you can use the water bus down the canal to watch a beautiful sunset instead of a pricey private vehicle.

Is Italy Expensive To Visit
Is Italy Expensive To Visit

Plan Your Trip Right:

The land of pizza and pasta is not a seemingly out-of-reach destination because it is not as expensive as they say. You have to plan your trip right. Having a proposed itinerary well in advance will save you a lot of bucks!

Also, a few trade-offs here and there will give you some fantastic experiences. Like, instead of buying a bottle of wine one day, spend the same money on a tour guide who will explain to you the rich culture and have a gamut of stories to share with you about the rich heritage of the country.

Sharing cabs and taking the local shared two-wheelers is a great way to interact with the locals, too, while they save you some money.

It would be best if you were brilliant while considering the time of your travel to Italy. Keep tracking the airfares and plan your trip a little towards the start or end of the tourist season.

Italy has so much of itself to offer that travelers often rush in wanting to see all of it. It will help if you realize that you cannot see it all at once. Enjoy it slowly and take in whatever comes to you. Drive around, taste local food, explore on your own to enjoy Italy at its best.

Another money-saving tip while visiting Italy is to ask for tap water always, or they charge you for bottled water. The country has a lot of vineyards, so wine is not very expensive. Buy local wine and ditch the restaurant wine. Get a city tourist card. This card unlocks very many discounts for you at some tourist spots.

Italy Visit: Conclusion:

Is Italy Expensive To Visit
Is Italy Expensive To Visit

Both accommodation and food in and around the tourist spots are going to be expensive. So, enjoy the magical views by the day and book your accommodation a little far from touristy places to rest at night.

Read up and plan well on the various sites where you want to try the food. With reasonable effort, you will be able to discover options that are relatively less expensive if you are on a budget.

Italy is as expensive as you think of it to be. But, whether to visit it the ‘expensive’ way or to find smart, frugal alternatives for visiting and enjoying what the country has to offer is what you decide for yourself!