New Dylan Modern Family Sitcom Episode Will Heat Things Up

dylan modern family

Dylan Modern Family is a spin off from the hit TLC show, The Hills. Dylan was a high school student who moved his family to California when he was thirteen years old. After moving out of home, he met Haley and began dating her. They got married in nineteen-seventy-three and two months later, they had their first child, a daughter named Rainbow. Unfortunately, things did not go well for the couple as their marriage failed and they divorced in nineteen-seventy-two.

An Overview


For years, Dylan had no intentions of going to college and instead wanted to pursue his musical talent and playing guitar. He had been listening to blues to rock and roll music growing up and thought that he would try to make a go of it as a singer. In Season 7, Dylan revealed that he is studying piano, saying:”…he just started reading more lately, he said he listens to a lot of blues-rock and roll.” In an earlier episode, Dylan also mentioned studying voice lessons as a way for him to stay focused on what he wants to do in life.

In a deleted scene from Season 6, Dylan had a spat with Haley. In the scene, he is seen telling her that he does not want kids, because he already has two children with another woman. After telling her this, she tells him that she likes children, but that she does not know how to raise them. He tells her that it will be hard work and that it will be better if she leaves him and finds someone else to father the children. It is unclear what happened between the two characters at this point.

New Dylan Modern Family Episode Facts

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In the eighth season premiere of The Hills, Dylan was confronted by his father about the fact that he is seeing other women. He told him that he has three children with a woman named Vivian, but didn’t want to talk to the press about it. Instead, he invited his father to dinner, telling him that he is sorry about what he has done. It was at this point that we saw that Dylan was seeing his father having dinner with Vivian.

In the tenth season premiere of The Hills, Dylan attended a party that was being held for Vivian’s friend, Kate Middleton (Duchess of York). It is here where he first meets the new family. According to The insider, the party was hosted by Vivian herself, where she invited all her close friends and relatives. At this party, Dylan finally confessed that he has been seeing Kate since they met at the airport on a plane that took them to New York City, and that he wanted to start a new family with her and get to know her well.

A short time later, The Hills confirmed that there will be more Dylan and Vivian in the future. Now that Dylan has officially introduced his wife into his life, their son will also join the family, though it has not yet been confirmed whether or not Dylan will be staying with the new family as well. It has also been confirmed that the new family will have two children, as opposed to the original family who only had one. However, this is not much of a problem because the show already has a great number of children (and great parents) to thank for this happy development.

Hopefully, we will see more of the new family and new dynamics created by the couple. In the meantime, we can only hope that Dylan becomes more comfortable with his new family and begins building that new relationship. After all, he definitely has a lot of catching up to do.

Bottom Line

So, is there a chance for other characters from the show to pop up in a new episode? Well, given how close-knit the Dylan family is, there is a very good chance that they will. Or maybe someone from Dylan’s past will show up to help him out. Whichever character ends up being in the new episodes, it is sure to be a fun and exciting show to watch. So, get ready for some high-class drama this season!

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