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One Family Book For You To Read Well

one family book

A poem by George Shannon, One Family Book is a celebration of the common bond of a family. In the first verse, George describes his mother as the “other woman.” She was a very special woman whose love and support allowed him to pursue his dreams. Over the years that she supported him, he learned more about her and the value of a life of service. He realized that the strength of a single family could be compared to the strength of a star.

An Overview

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Just how many things can one do? One box of crayons. One basketful of roses.

One world. One family. One story. George has included his mother in all of his writings, even though she now lives in another city. The poem describes her love of his children, and how they inspired her in their pursuit of happiness.

This book is a celebration of a life of service. It is not only the mother’s life that is depicted but the father as well. Her love of her children is depicted as if it were a vase of flowers that had been placed on a table. Each flower representing one of the Children.

The story is a moving portrait of a mother’s love. George has included the details of his mother’s life in these poems. His descriptions are warm and endearing. You feel for him as he depicts his mother in this beautiful book. You want to know what happened to her and why. It is a touching portrait of a family that has lost someone.

The illustrations in this book are also beautiful. There are several of them in one spread of the poem. They bring a tear to your eye. Some are simple, others are of a more artistic nature. They all serve to depict the beautiful emotions that are felt by the author as she portrays her mother.

Best Features

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There is a very cute little version of a cat in this book. The writer has made it very real with a loving and funny tone. She seems to have found her cat and it is a part of George as well. It is truly one of a kind. This cat is a part of the family in all ways.

If you love your pets and have a child then this is a perfect gift for them. This one family book will provide hours of reading and your child will enjoy reliving the memories. It is affordable and will be cherished for years to come. All in all I think it is a great gift.

A Boy’s Life is about a boy named George who was adopted by two boys. They named him George because he had blue eyes. After a few months they changed the name to John because it was shorter. As a matter of fact John is only ten months old but already he starts talking. He knows his name, his toys, his father, his mother, his friends and his pets.

It’s funny how this book makes you laugh out loud when George starts to tell his story. The story is full of bright colors and laugh out loud humor. The illustrations are lively and bring a lot of life to the pictures. The writing style is clear and easy to understand.

Great Option For Love

You can’t help but feel for the family as they go through this rough time. It is a simple, loving story about a boy who barely escaped from the street. You can sense the sadness as the boys call each other names. It’s hard to imagine a life after that. They all seem so happy despite the circumstances though.

I also really liked the friendship between the adoptive parents and George. They really took care of him when nobody else did. Their relationship worked through all of the way until the end. Their bond is what made it through. This story would not have been nearly as strong if the parents didn’t really support one another. There really are a lot of lessons to be learned from this book.


One Family Book is a great book for just about everyone. Kids will enjoy the colorful pictures, while adults will be entertained by the funny words and story. If you are looking for a quick read, this is definitely one family book you should buy. It is well written and will make any family feel like they really are family.

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