Parenting & Praise:What Do You Know

Parenting & Praise:What Do You Know

As a parent, it is quite likely for you to shower your child with praises for doing something good. It is quite essential, right? Parenting & praise are expected to go hand in hand, mainly because parents find it easy to control and manage their kids by praising them.

Children simply love praises, but as a parent, you need to know what compliments can harm your child. You should work on shaping the behavior of your ward through praises. Your praises should come in such a way that they help your child in acceptable learning behaviors. Some ways in which you can praise your child and help them become responsible and confident are as follows:

Parenting & Praise:What Do You Know
Parenting & Praise:What Do You Know

Parenting & Praise: Take Care Of The Process And Not The Outcome

Avoid glorifying your child for his intellect instead of praising him for the efforts he made to gain success. Research has proved that children praised for their intelligence are not able to handle failures. On the other hand, children praised for their efforts are more persistent and resilient.

Praising a child for acting smartly in a situation is not praising him but praising his genetic endowments. When you praise a child for the efforts he has made into accomplishing something, you are praising him for what he is. It will build a kind of positive attitude in the kid, and his desire to improve certain activities will increase.

Parenting & Praise: Make Eye Contact

The way you praise your child plays a vital role in the development of your ward. It always works to use a nurturing and warm tone while making eye contact at the same time.

If possible, trying getting down to your child’s level, be face to face, and then praise him or her. This type of interaction helps in increasing the confidence of a child.

Pick Your Words Wisely

The right use of language and words is essential when trying to praise a child. Make sure the words that you are using when praising your kid are perfect for his developmental stage. Cooing at an infant would be enough when it comes to appreciating the baby, but the same will not work for a toddler.

For older children, you need to use words and terms that show empathy and understanding while reflecting on their experiences.

Parenting & Praise:What Do You Know
Parenting & Praise:What Do You Know

Applaud Your Child’s Strengths

It is quite likely for different children to have different skills, strengths, and weaknesses. If you want your child to move ahead in life, you need to pay attention to his weaknesses and his strengths. Making comparisons will not help. Instead, you should make it a point to applaud the individual strengths of your child.

Pay Close Attention To Small Things

Kids love attention. If they feel that they are taken care of or they are the center of attraction, it helps them in nurturing and feeling good about themselves. Try boosting the confidence and ego of your kid by describing or commenting on things he or she is doing.

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