Importance Of Playing With Your Child

There are many advantages of spending some quality time with your children and playing with them if time permits and teaching them such fun games yourself. This will make your bonding stronger with your children. Accepting defeat gracefully and no cheating-such moral values should be instilled since a very young age in the kids else most of them would face behavioral problems as they grow up.

Importance Of Playing With Your Child
Importance Of Playing With Your Child

Advantages Of Playing With Your Child

Better Bonding

When you play with your child, you spend quality time with them. This makes your bond with your child stronger. Your child would consider you as their best playing partner and this will install happy family values right from the start.

Good Values

When you play with your child yourself, your child notices how you react to winning or losing. They also pick up the same virtues and follow these ideals. They also learn sports-man spirit and learn to play a game without cheating.

Increased Vocabulary and Education

Children learn new words, new technology and new ideas when they play with elders. They observe how elders think and grasp many new behavioral patterns from you. This helps development of their brains in a play and learn method.

Importance Of Playing With Your Child
Importance Of Playing With Your Child

Less Gadget Time

When you spend quality time with your child playing board games or other field games, you restrict gadget time. This in turn will be beneficial to your children. Many modern parents of today are working parents. They cannot spend quality time with their children and so, to ease their guilt, they give mobile phones or tablets to their children to engage with. This ruins their creativity, mind, development and also their vision.

New Ideas

When you play games with your child yourself, you teach them new ideas and new creativity. This helps them learn new and advanced things faster. When these children play with other children of their age, they will be able to display remarkable skills.

There are many advantages of playing with your child. Our fond childhood memories include many of us playing outdoor games for our entertainments. Catch, hide and seek, ice-spice, kho-kho, catch and catch, 7 stones and many such games used to be so much fun. We did not even acknowledge the advantages of such games until today, when we see such sporty games sadly missing amongst our kids. These games instilled a sense of sportsman spirit in us along with making our bodies stronger.

So what should one do? We as kids had more discipline than the youngsters today. The idea is to give the kids exposure to everything but in limits. Smart parenting requires a mother or a father to have some strict guidelines to using gadgets. A weekly timetable has to be followed. Do not bribe the children with permissions, allowances or new gifts if they accomplish something. That is a practice most commonly followed by many parents. This is often very difficult for the parents to continue following and leads them to make promises which they can never keep. Children should know the importance of success not because of the greed of a gift but because of the satisfaction success provides. Just follow a little lenient time table wherein outdoor games, movie time, gadget time are all well balanced and you would find miraculous changes in their mindset.

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