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Pregnancy And The Tale Of Gender Prediction


When couples decide it’s time to start a new chapter of their lives with the arrival of a baby, it is a big decision. And it comes with a lot of attached changes and surprises to their lives. Pregnancy is something which comes as a big thing in the life of any couple. Pregnancy is the announcement of the arrival of a new life amongst them. The entry of a new little member in the family. A new chapter in all the lives in the house.

Choosing Blue Or Pink

One of the biggest questions that arise for the couple soon to become parents is the gender of the baby. Will it be a boy or a girl? Should they stock up on blue onesies or pink balloons for the baby shower? Doctors claim to get this question the most from expectant parents. Mostly, you would need to wait for an ultrasound around the time when your baby is about eighteen to twenty weeks in age from conceiving. But this need not be the way in all cases.

One of the most important factors is how the baby is positioned during the routine ultrasound test. The baby should neither be curled up nor should they be facing the wrong way for successful detection. If this is the case, you have no other option than to wait for the next visit. It is said to be easier for detecting if your baby is a boy than if it is a girl.

Pregnancy And The Tale Of Gender Prediction
Pregnancy And The Tale Of Gender Prediction

Other time you can potentially find out whether you are welcoming a boy or a girl is around the sixteen-week mark. This is when to-be mothers have to undertake a prenatal test known as amniocentesis. This test is usually given to mothers with ages of thirty-five or above. This test is neither risk-free, nor is it aimed to simply determine the gender of your baby. It is used to check if the baby is suffering from certain genetic issues, and can simultaneously give an idea about its gender.

Chorionic Villus

There is also an infrequently used method in the form of Chorionic Villus Sampling. This test is aimed to look at the chromosomes of the baby and help detect any potential issues during the first trimester. There is also the word around saying that the gender of the baby can be adjudged through the heart rate. This is based on the myth that one gender has a faster heart rate than the other, and can be disregarded like an old misconception.

Pregnancy And The Tale Of Gender Prediction
Pregnancy And The Tale Of Gender Prediction

Whatever might be the case, the to-be parents are always anxious about what’s to come and wish to start planning as soon as possible to welcome their baby in the world. For some cases, you can find out what decorations you need for your gender reveal party sooner than other. But while you are waiting, there are other things you can do. Like making invite lists, planning the locations and maybe buying clothes which are neither pink nor blue!

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