How To Decide The Best School For Preschoolers

Importance Of Education In Every Child

There are many schools for preschoolers and when selecting the best preschool for your little one, you obviously want nothing but the best. But with the number of options available, you need to keep in mind a few factors to help you make the right decision.

Points To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Best Preschool:

Security –

Your number one concern while selecting the best international preschool should be security. With the kind of cases of child abduction and child molestation happening today, you need to be utterly sure of the school’s security protocols. Ensure that they have cameras installed everywhere and that the security at the gate is very strict.

How To Decide The Best School For Preschoolers
How To Decide The Best School For Preschoolers

Cleanliness –

Hygiene is an important aspect of a good school. While going around the school, survey the bathrooms, check whether the maids and helpers are clean and tidy, check for soaps, and also survey the lunch or breakfast room for the hygiene quotient.

Teaching Method-

Every school you visit will explain in depth about the kind of teaching philosophy they follow. It could be a Montessori pattern or some other. But as a parent, you should also read in length about these courses over the internet so that you can ask relevant questions.

How To Decide The Best School For Preschoolers
How To Decide The Best School For Preschoolers

Attitude of Staff –

A very important factor in deciding the preschool for your child is the way the teachers handle little toddlers and children. Are they patient and loving enough? Do you find them rude or strict? Children at this age are very vulnerable and it is very important to have a loving and patient teacher to handle them.

Number of Caretakers –

The number of caretakers in every class is an important factor. Children between the age of 2 to 4 are tough to handle and control. It is not possible for a single teacher to handle all these children with love and patience and at times, it takes a toll on the teacher’s mindset and he/she may get rude. To avoid such scenarios, preschools should have 2 to 3 teachers in every class. They can also have a helper and a teacher in every class.

Spaces and Snacks –

While surveying the different preschools, do give a thought to how the school handles the snack time. Do they make the children eat in their own classroom or do they have a separate lunch/snack room? It is always better to have a separate snack room so as to avoid spillage/vomit and other such issues in their classrooms. Also, check for the space factor. Are the classes very tightly packed? Do the children have ample free space to move about? All these factors are important in a good and comfortable school.

Check for all the above-mentioned protocols before deciding on which preschool is best for your child. Also, go around multiple schools to decide which one is the best. Do not take your decision in haste, as a preschool builds the foundation years of your child’s education.

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