Role Of The Family In Society

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Hundreds of families make society and many more societies together make a nation. Seeing this hierarchy, it is obvious that families are the foundation of a society. This lays stress on the fact that there is a huge role of family in society. Well-behaved families make great societies. Such societies together contribute towards making a great city and so on. Each family has a particular role in society. Each family’s contribution adds up in making a good community. Let us see in detail the diverse role of a family in society.

Role Of The Family In Society
Role Of The Family In Society

Role Of Family In Society

Helps Meets Basic Needs

Family meets the basic needs of a person who cannot provide for himself. Aged people, sick, children, or pregnant women depend upon their family members to provide for them. Basic needs such as food, water, shelter, etc, can be provided to the members of a family.

Gives you a Feeling of Belonging

A family gives a person a feeling of belonging to someone. No one can survive alone in this world. Every human needs another human to live. A person in a family can share his joys and sorrows with his family members. Families spend a lot of time with each other in happiness and sorrow and this makes the person stronger and hopeful.

Financial Security

Members of a family can look upon one another for financial security. If a member has quit his job or lost his job, he can still depend on his spouse to fulfill his basic needs. Each member of the family can support each other financially. Families combine their funds to pay bills collectively and manage their finances for larger expenditures.

Role Of The Family In Society
Role Of The Family In Society

Built-in Support System

Families support each other in hard times. They fund each other in hard times and lend a shoulder to cry upon during tough times. A person needs this emotional and financial support system to carry on further in life, else a person can get easily depressed. A family gives one hope to live and to do better in life. A family may hide their sorrows from others in society, but in a family, every member understands each other’s problems.

Health Benefits

Members and especially small children enjoy a healthy lifestyle when they live in a family. Children only need to study and play while their parents provide for their food and study fees. People who live in families, share the workload and the financial burden and this, in turn, brings health benefits to each other.

Provides Support When One of Them Is Ill

Families always support each other in sickness and ill-health. This is one of the biggest blessings of having a family. A society may have many families that support each other by providing medical assistance, taking the sick member to the doctor, or cooking for the one who is sick. This is the greatest benefit of having a family.

This way, the role of the family in society is quite important. They help each other in happiness and sorrow and contribute towards building a society.

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