The Gloria Modern Family Movie Review

Gloria Modern Family

Gloria Modern Family has proven itself to be a huge hit on the big screen. In fact, it is the third highest grossing movie in box office history after The Hangover and Alice in Wonderland. The film was directed by Rob Reiner and stars Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Robin Williams and John Tutturro.

Know About The Story

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Gloria is the story of an ex-wife (Robin Williams) who moves into the home of her deceased husband’s sister and finds herself dealing with his children as well. The daughter of the deceased, played by Julia Roberts, is in a position of power and influence in the home but is soon forced into a position where she must decide between loyalty to the children.

Julia Roberts plays the role of the ex-wife of the ex-husband of the ex-sister. The character is portrayed in such a manner that viewers will feel like they are involved in the entire process. In fact, the character of Gloria is so well written that it is almost impossible for audiences not to get involved and understand what is happening to her.

Julia Roberts has become a household name in her career, but this time around she plays the role of an ex-wife. That means, her fame as the leading lady is only growing by the minute. This may seem to be a bit strange to some but that is exactly the scenario that has happened to Julia Roberts. Her fame as an actress has exploded and her acting work is now not just being used to enhance her profile in Hollywood, but also as a means to get people involved with what she does.

Know The Struggles Of Gloria

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The story of Gloria and the struggles she faces in the movie are extremely interesting. When Julia Roberts plays a role like this, it becomes very real and relatable to many viewers. This is something that the movie is known for doing, which is why most movie goers love to see it.

One of the best parts of the movie is that Julia Roberts plays the role of a woman who is very successful in business but is also a loving mother and who tries to make her family happy. Julia Roberts plays the part of a person who has achieved all the goals that she set for herself in life, which is why many people have become quite envious of her. The same thing is true about the character of the ex-wife of the ex-husband.

Seeing Yourself In The Shoes Of Another Person

It is difficult for some people to see themselves in the shoes of another person. but when Julia Roberts portrays the role of a woman who has been married to a very rich man for decades, people see a person who has achieved all the goals that she set out to achieve. In fact, people like Julia Roberts portray a person who can achieve anything that she sets out to do. This is one of the things that makes this movie so popular.

Summing Up

However, they can also find out about the hardships that Gloria and Greg overcome as the movie progresses, which is what the film’s storyline is all about. There are a number of different things that you can expect from a movie like this.

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