There Is No Longer A Typical Family


At an earlier age, most people want to stay in the nuclear family. In those days, the mother was housewives, and the father was only the income person in the family.

The parents like to give birth to two or three children. The mothers stay in the house every time and take care of the children. This concept is ancient nowadays.

There were also joint families. The grandma, grad father .uncle, aunt; they even live together in the family. There were four to five children in the entire family. The husband was only the income persons, and wives came to take care of their children.

The wives stay in the house every time. The wifes had to do every household works. That’s why the women could not go outside of the house. They did not get the proper freedom after their marriage. These things are very old nowadays.

Nobody will accept these types of rules and regulations of the family. The women are very forward nowadays they are also working, the women are going to the office for income.

Present Condition:

Nowadays, the condition of the family become changing. The women become very forward nowadays. They are also going to do an office for income. The women are also working so that they can help toothier husbands.

Family Condition:

Nowadays, most of the families are nuclear; they don’t want to stay in a joint family; that’s why the parents are only taking one child. Buy which they can take care of properly of their single child.

The Working Parents:

Nowadays in each and every family both of the father and mother, they are working. The women are getting the freedom to go for the work outside. By which the family’s financial condition becomes good and ok. They are always trying to manage this.

Take caring Of the Child:

There Is No Longer Any Such Thing As A Typical Family
There Is No Longer Any Such Thing As A Typical Family

For the working parents, it is too much difficult to take care of their child at home regularly. That’s why the parents send their children to boarding school. By which the children can get the proper take care from there.

Nowadays, the family description is totally changed. Many people love to stay in the nuclear family. The joint family description becomes omitted nowadays. There no kind of typical kind of family.

After the Marriage Life:

There Is No Longer Any Such Thing As A Typical Family
There Is No Longer Any Such Thing As A Typical Family

After the marriage, the husbands and the wife, nowadays they both are thinking about their proper and healthy and a good future. That’s why the husbands are not giving the women any boundary. The women can easily go outside, and they can easily do the job for their family.

At The Earlier Age:

At an earlier age the women were not working they are only housewives, they should maintain some strict rules and regulation.they should obey their husband’s rules, they should obey the family rules, they should cook for their whole family.

Which were very pathetic. That’s why now these days are totally changed. There are no pressures of household works on women. They can get equal freedom like their husbands.

Different Cast Marriages: Family

Nowadays, people can do different cast marriages. Some times society does not accept it. But most time societies accept it. Suppose the women are Hindu, and the man is from the Christian families. The different cast of marriage can be possible nowadays also.

Same-Sex Marriage: Family

Nowadays, everything is possible. People are doing same-sex marriage. Like one man falls in love with another man, or one woman becomes ln love with another woman they marriage nowadays.

They can adopt children also. It is not mandatory that different-sex will always marriage every time. The different sex marriages also. If they love each other, if they respect each other. They both can do job; there is no problem, they should send their children to the boarding school to take care of their children.

These totally change; there is nothing like a typical families.Everyone is working nowadays. The women become very forward and in families, the parents they both are working and earning persons.