Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet

Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet

Is your kid internet savvy? Do you ever feel confused about how many patterns and novelties on the Internet he cares about? Yeah, you will be proud of him, but are you not worried about his security on the Internet? For all the enjoyable “toys,” the electronic world offers, most children continue to ignore safety controls. But you just shouldn’t!

And what about your K – 6 Grader practicing the ABC on a website on the computer? Justification for making sure that they will not fall prey to spam online.

And here are few laws you might want to live to keep your whole family safe in the modern world:

Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet
Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet

Internet: Secure Your Wi-Fi Network

Your home Wi-Fi helps your kids access the Internet from across your building. Make it more impossible for you to keep an eye on them. If it is not protected, intruders may exploit your bandwidth by infecting your PC with malware. They can send their malware attacks from your network, compromising your Internet protection. 

Make sure your Wi-Fi is highly secure: use a strong password to allow your router to encrypt wirelessly to prevent others from “reading” your network and blocking access.

Internet: Always Read Privacy Policy

If you create an account with Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, etc. – social networks or blogs that need specific information from you have privacy policies. Any time you (or a family member) want to access a new system, read the privacy policy carefully so that you know how / if its developers plan to use your information in some way, and what measures they take to protect hazards such as phishing and identity theft from Internet protection.

Teach Grandma And Kids Safe Social Network

Please do not encourage them to log in to social networks, unless they are for teenagers. Third, advise the family members not to use their full names, birthdays, and emails on their accounts: the least sensitive knowledge, the safer for their protection on the Internet. Don’t chat about your holiday plans, don’t post pictures of visible information (home street, car license plate, etc.) and don’t “check-in” to public locations. Also, ask the kids to do the same and think about cyberbullying, bullies, and stalkers.

Internet: Ensure Your Children’s Safe Live Gaming

Live online games, such as Xbox Live, encourage children or young people to connect fun with friends and put them at risk for protection on the Internet, like bullying, abuse, and predators. Make sure your kid does not expose his identity in games-use a nickname and an Avatar; track his game and verify his or her identity; trigger security mechanisms on the game consoles-use the controls that parents have.

Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet
Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet

Download And Update Trusted Sources Applications Only

Free games, songs, movies, and so on are available for download all over the Internet. They are enticing for kids too. Yet some of them include spyware and other kinds of malware that can jeopardize internet security for your entire family. Create a list of trustworthy sources to access and make your whole family stick to it. When installing a new piece of software, please read the license agreement carefully, and make sure your kids ask for your permission when downloading or installing it.

Create Difficult Passwords That You Can Easily Remember

Any hacker who wants to access your online accounts and steal sensitive information or your identity will easily break a weak password. A simple internet security rule is to build and periodically update a robust and unique password for each online account.

  • make it long (at least eight characters),
  • combine letters, numbers, and symbols, and
  • opt for security questions (whenever possible) that only you know the answer to.

Teach members of your family to do likewise.

Keep All Programs Up-to-Date 

Outdated software has safety holes that hackers and viruses can easily exploit. That’s why you’ve got to make sure you’re up to date with all the applications on the computers you and your family go online. Also, like the one in BullGuard Internet Protection, a vulnerability scanner will spot obsolete versions of the program and find the essential updates.

Always Back-up Your Computer

You never know when your machine will break down due to malware attacks or some dumb accident. Also, you have to make sure any essential element on it remains sound and secure, including your precious family photos of your children growing up, family anniversaries, and holidays.

Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet
Tips On How Can You Keep Your Kids From The Internet

Install Complete Internet Security Solution

Many internet security solutions feature mentioned above, and there is a proactive antivirus engine that, thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, spots even the newest types of malware – behavioral detection combined with signature-based exposure. This also offers you 5 GB of Online Backup and the ability to secure three computers simultaneously.

Be Informed About Internet Security Threats

Only knowing the “enemy” can you set up a proper family-friendly “security mechanism.” However, it doesn’t have to become a professional computer; you need some simple online dangerous information so you can speak to your family and teach them how to protect yourself. Also, you can find plenty of details about the most popular and newest threats in the online world in BullGuard’s Internet Security Center, as well as some practical tips and tricks about how to stay safe from any threat.

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