Useful Guide On How To Bathe Babies

Useful Guides Of How To Bath Babies

“Ten little fingers Ten little toes, The sweetest of smiles and a cute little nose. All these things add up in the same precious thing. A baby the greatest gifts of God.” No doubt a baby is like a candle which brightens up the dark life with his kinky smile. Babies being the purest soul on this earth have made our life more beautiful. Whenever we look at a baby, we automatically smile. The reason is whenever we see someone happy or smiling; we get a smile too. Babies are the gifts of God who bring a sparkle in our dull dark life. Bath time is a fun time for babies, and a new mom must know how to bath babies.

So, show your love to the baby by keeping him/her germs free. Here we are with some basics tips, guidelines, and precautions on how to bath babies.

Useful Guides Of How To Bath Babies
Useful Guides Of How To Bath Babies

How To Bath Babies Preparations Needed

Keep a regular bath time routine. Do not change the timings frequently. Keep all your essentials nearby. You will require 2-3 soft bath towels, Baby soap, diaper packet, few cotton balls, and clothes. Put water about 90 inches deep in a tub. Water should be warm, not too hot. Keep swirling your fingers in water so that there are no hot spots.

How To Bath Babies Basic Guidelines

  • Keep your baby in a tub which we have already filled with lukewarm water.
  • The newborn baby’s back has to be given support with the help of one arm.
  • The head and neck even have to get assistance with the arm accordingly and carefully.
  • Now, carefully and slowly cleanse eyes with a warm cotton ball.
  • We can even use a soft cloth damped in lukewarm water.
  • We need to now wipe the baby’ eyes from the inside corner of the eye to outward gently.
  • Now its time for baby’s little face for that we need a warm cotton ball or cloth. Start wiping the face from the middle to outer areas.
  • Next, comes the baby hair. Put some water and a little shampoo on the head. With gentle hands massage the head very softly. Rinse and clean the head with a damped water towel.
  • For the diaper area, there are two ways different for both the sex. For Girls, you need to clean the area going from front to back. Boys go back to front accordingly. Use a soft towel to dry the area to prevent rashes. Pat, the baby’s body softly. It will prevent irritation.


Here we used a tub but you can use a sink as well. Wash the sink with hot soapy water to kill all the germs. Dry your baby as soon as possible to avoid catching a cold. Babies catch cold fast. Keep towel as near as possible. Do not put the baby in a tub when you are filling the tub. Don’t leave your baby alone in the tub. Also, don’t remove your hand from the baby’s back. Don’t leave the bathing area, if needed, always take your baby along. Do not put your baby in hot water always use a suitable water temperature. Never use sponges for babies. Sponges may break into tiny pieces and can cause harm to your baby.

Useful Guides Of How To Bath Babies
Useful Guides Of How To Bath Babies


We love our babies wholeheartedly then it’s our duty to keep them away from germs and getting affected by them. One thing to remember the most is to be with the baby all the time. Touch the baby with a clean hand.

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