What Are The Five Stages Of Baby Development?


Baby development involves certain stages of development, which means the development of a newborn child to an active toddler, which involves certain stages which means providing the baby with total effective care which would make the small child develop into a growing kid. It takes twelve months for an infant to transform into a child. The child goes through a certain transformation. Babies grow and change at a fast pace. Suddenly the developments and transformation is noticed. Development is totally individualistic, some babies start talking after nine months and some hardly talk after one year. It depends on individualistic traits. Certain variations must be there, which depend individually.  Stages of baby development, involves some steps which make the infant turn into a toddler and then an active child and the learning of new things results in the development of a child and these leanings ultimately calls for celebrations in the family.

Stages Of Baby Development

During the first development stage, the bodies and the brains usually develop and this development is usually after a few months of staying in the same family with the parents of the people. After three months, a baby might start to develop in their own ways. Some of the stages are usually when the baby is developed fully and the symptoms and the signs are as follows:

  • When the baby learns to smile, it would have been just to oneself. After three months, the kid would be smiling with the response to the smiles and reactions of its parents.
  • The baby learns to raise the head and chest when it comes to raising her tummy.
  • Tracking objects with the eyes and identifying things by themselves.    
  • It learns how to move the hands and feet and how to bring hands to the mouth.
  • Gripping of objects in the hands.
  • Taking swipes and reaching for dangling objects.
What Are The Five Stages Of Baby Development?
What Are The Five Stages Of Baby Development?

Development of the baby

Four to six months

During these months, babies usually reach out and usually manipulate the world around them. The amazing tools are mastered. They get accustomed to their voices. After 4-6 months, a baby usually develops and they get accustomed to a lot of things.

  • Roll over from front to back and from back to front. Front to back turnings come fast.
  • Babble making sounds and giggling sounds.
  • Laughing is also something which the babies learn. Sitting for support and recognizing people is the next step.

Seven To Nine Months

  • During the second half of the year, the little ones become the baby on the go. The baby starts crawling; this can include scooting and army calling as well. Some babies crawl on hands and knees.
  • Sitting without support
  • Respond to certain things. Such as calling names to parents.
  • Clapping and then playing games when it comes to peek-a-boo and other baby games.
  • Learning to stand or rather trying to stand then succeeding in it.

Ten To Twelve Months

The last development stage in the first year of the baby is quite a transition. If one is not an infant anymore then the baby might act like a toddler and the behaviour of the toddler would have been really awesome. The transition would have been really great.

  • She starts feeding herself and can also move around the room.
  • Attention-seeking tendencies
  • Pointing at objects which would help in getting the attention of the elders.
  • Begin pretend play by copying adults.
  • Taking the first steps.

In these various ways a child develops, these are the initial stages of the development of the child. Everyday there are new changes in the baby.  The baby grows everyday and in small different ways. There are variations in child development and children and each child develop in their own ways. No different child is similar. Stages of baby development are similar in the case of every child but it is not always the developments which happen with time.

What Are The Five Stages Of Baby Development?
What Are The Five Stages Of Baby Development?