What Are The Six Traits Of Good Character?

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Our character is not only our image to society; it is also a matter of who we are to ourselves. So a good character is really necessary for the well being of one, which will unconditionally help others, who are around us. Here are some must-have qualities of a good character, that one can relate with, and implement easily to take a step towards betterment.

Some Of The Good Qualities That Make A Good Character

What Are The Six Traits Of Good Character?
What Are The Six Traits Of Good Character?

Good Character: Integrity Within

There are various traits that build up a person with good character. In this context the term morality can also be used, basically, it refers to one’s strength, to stick with the sense of doing the most appropriate thing needed to be done at a certain time, and not to deviate from it, for short term pleasures or satisfaction. This simply means to be absolutely clear and stress-free about our doings, but anyway, the consequence might not as expected, but that doesn’t matter when your actions are not based upon self-centered thoughts.

Good Character: Being Truthful

Honest is an excellent aspect for forming a good character. If we look deep we can see that dishonest comes from fear.

Fear of losing something, like losing one’s image in front of the society. It can be devastating is sometimes we are afraid to admit to the truth even to us. It leads to a psychological desire for constant effort to escape all. The fear rises from the guilt of the actions we executed to satisfy our self-centered desires. We know this is not right. Therefore, a step towards freedom will be, to be truthful to the person

What Are The Six Traits Of Good Character?
What Are The Six Traits Of Good Character?

Being Loyal

Loyalty is an inseparable part of good character, people with a good character, doesn’t leave their friends when the time and everything goes against, they are who they are no matter what the situation is a person with good character never changes, and stays absolute firm in worst situations, because for them who they are matters the most, and as a result of being loyal they never compromise that.


What selflessness actually means is, to be able to look at the wellbeing of whole before one’s own interests, and to be able to act according that, this requires the clarity of vision, and to act selflessly is a matter of great compassion within, which connects one with the whole, and their idea of the self changes for forever.


One should always take full responsibility of one’s previous actions. Mainly because there is no way of running from it. Moreover, only by accepting the fact the possibility of change can take its place. People who walk the path of escaping, are actually facing the problem of accepting who they are. Therefore, there is no scope of any change, and in these cases, history is seen to be repeating itself.

Control Over The Self

Self-control is nothing but free. The freedom from one’s own attractions towards short term pleasure that ultimately results as compromising in one’s own goals, only the awareness of the greater good, can help one to stay away from these temptations.

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