What Is The Family Mentality in A Financial Crisis?

What Is The Family Mentality When It Comes To Financial Crisis?

Thoughts of losing your job or your home can be very demotivating. On the onset of the recession, this is a stark possibility that looms at the corner for most of us. Money can be the root of most of our problems, like depression and stress. But don’t fret too much. We have your back with these incredible tips to keep your feet firm in the ground in times of a financial crisis.

Staying Calm During A Financial Crisis

There is a mechanism called the ‘Fight or Flight’ inside your body. When you feel threatened by someone or something, this mechanism comes to the fore. When you are under stress, your heart rate increases, your body releases stress hormones and prompts you to either stay and fight or flee quickly. Although these quick surges of energy may lead you to achieve impossible things, in the long run, it will affect your health adversely.

What Is The Family Mentality When It Comes To Financial Crisis?
What Is The Family Mentality When It Comes To Financial Crisis?

Take a look at some stress-relieving techniques that are sure to work for you.

Breathing Exercises

Whenever you are in a stressful situation, try to focus all your energy on your breathing. Having a good grasp over your breathing pattern can have an immensely positive effect on your health. It will surely help in those tense moments. The best thing about this, however, is that you can follow this anywhere, and at any time.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation or PMR, just like the breathing exercises can be done anywhere. Moreover, PMR helps you get rid of the intense chronic stress.


Have you ever felt lighter after confessing to a friend about your problems in life? Journalling works on the same principle. Staying stagnant can put some of us under more stress. To avoid this, you can write and vent out your feelings in a blog or a brainstorming event. This will, overall, have a very positive impact on your mental well-being.

What Is The Family Mentality When It Comes To Financial Crisis?
What Is The Family Mentality When It Comes To Financial Crisis?

You don’t have control over everything that comes your way in life, but you certainly can channel yourself to respond positively to all that life throws at you.

Reframe The Situation

  • In times of financial crisis, it can be easy to put yourself down for your situation. However, the better approach is always to reframe your situation to have a more positive outlook towards the future and life.
  • For example, when we talk about the financial crisis. Remind yourself that you are not the only one that is a victim to this crisis. There are other people who are possibly in a much critical situation. Be thankful for what you have and always tell yourself that you will walk out of this as a better person at the end of the day! That should motivate you.

Mentality Of Family And Friends During A Financial Crisis

  • Your friends and family are the people who would never want to see you distressed in life. If you want somebody to lean on, and share your grievances with, our families are the go-to place for most of us.
  • Moreover, standing up for each other in these tough times will only make the bond between family members stronger.
  • If you are a father or a mother, explain the financial crisis in a way that is comprehensible to the young ones. 
  • Give them the freedom of budget, while explaining to them, the importance of spending wisely.
  • Assign responsibilities like paying a few bills to your kids. You have one less thing to do now, while your kid has an extra responsibility! Win-win isn’t it?
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