Why You Should Teach Your Kids About The Family Tree

Why Your Future Generation Should Learn The Family Tree?

As we progress further, more often than not, we sever ties with our background. The family tree is that tie that binds us to our ancestors. And, if we sever those ties, we forget who our ancestors used to be and what makes us the person we are today. Some might argue that we are all self-made. It is true that the decisions we take are ours alone. However, we can never forget the teachings that our family imparted within us as we grew up. And, those teachings are something that binds us to our ancestors. So, it becomes essential that our future generation also learns about the family tree. Though, that isn’t the only reason to do so.

Knowing The Family Tree Can Make History A Lot More Interesting

Why Your Future Generation Should Learn The Family Tree?
Why Your Future Generation Should Learn The Family Tree?

The family tree isn’t too different than a history lesson. The only difference is that in history we are learning about people who are seemingly not related to us, while the family tree teaches us about our ancestors and who they were, what they did, and more. But, imagine finding out that one of your ancestors was a fighter in the World War, or that someone in your past was present in the Civil War. Suddenly, these history lessons are not lessons anymore. You start relating to these events and there comes a newfound interest. When your future generation learns about the family tree, even they will feel the same way. Thus, it is one way to make them connect with our history.

The Family Tree Introduces The Next Generation To The Past Ones

Every family must possess a family tree that should be kept alive through generations, preferably using photographs. Do you remember watching the movie, Coco? The animated movie has such a wonderful message about family and ancestors, and how keeping them in memories keep something about them alive.

Know Your Past And Lead Ahead

Learning the family tree and remembering who the ancestors were will allow your future generation to relate to the past generations. Thus, the memories will stay forever and the people will be remembered through ages.

Your Next Generation Will Be Able To Learn About Themselves

Why Your Future Generation Should Learn The Family Tree?
Why Your Future Generation Should Learn The Family Tree?

Strange as it may sound, the family tree is a great way of knowing yourself. Let’s say you find out that your great great grandmother has freckles, and suddenly you know where your freckles come from even though none of your siblings have them. Thus, these are minor things about yourself that you will be able to relate to with someone in the past generation. And, when you know their deeds, you might even find yourself beaming with pride. The freckles that bothered you so much and what your brothers and sisters made fun of, suddenly becomes a matter of pride. Imagine how beautifully it can bond your next generation.

We Should Never Lose Touch With Our History

Whether we like it or not, our history is ours and we need to know it to know ourselves better. If you feel that something wasn’t right in the past, make sure you change it. Likewise, if you find something good, don’t let it die. Our past helps us learn and create a better future.

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